Revitalizing San Jose's Historic Bank of Italy Tower: More Housing for Downtown

April 23, 2024

Revitalizing San Jose's Historic Bank of Italy Tower: More Housing for Downtown

Exciting news is on the horizon for Downtown San Jose as project permits have been filed to transform the iconic Bank of Italy office tower into residential housing. Located at 12 South 1st Street, this ambitious endeavor promises to breathe new life into the historic landmark amidst the backdrop of high office vacancy rates in the region. Spearheaded by RMW Architecture, the project aims to revitalize the tower's purpose and contribute to the vibrant community fabric of Santa Clara County.

The project permits outline a comprehensive conversion plan spanning from levels two to twelve of the 13-story tower. Among the proposed changes is the installation of new windows featuring fixed upper panes and operable lower panes, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality. Additionally, the ground level will undergo refurbishment to accommodate a residential lobby, while amenities will be centralized on the second floor, catering to the needs of future residents. While the exact residential capacity is yet to be determined, preliminary estimates suggest it could range from 125 to 150 units.

Collaborating on the architectural front are RMW and Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), renowned for their innovative designs that seamlessly blend modernity with historical preservation. Illustrations reveal a thoughtful approach that preserves the integrity of the historic facade while introducing subtle enhancements to complement contemporary living. Notably, an annex structure will undergo a revitalization process. Which includes reskinning and the addition of rooftop decks, further enhancing the appeal of the development.

As the project progresses, details regarding the estimated cost and timeline for construction have yet to be announced.



Source: sfyimby

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